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Have you had enough of ‘I’ve got nothing to wear’ meltdowns?

Let me show you how to put an end to half of your style dilemmas
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"I was very skeptical (and nervous) that anyone I had only just met would be able to change the habits of a lifetime but after 5 minutes with Natalie I trusted her and her experience and put myself entirely into her hands. Natalie is a very special person, who logically explains to you the reasons why a certain look works and why it doesn't.

I had spent my life in jeans and boots and felt beautiful clothes were just for other women but four hours in Natalie's company made me look at myself differently and has give me a new confidence I never believed I could achieve.

If you are reading this don't waste time, contact her now. I promise you, you won't be disappointed. I will never be able to thank Natalie enough for the new me."

− Susan Duffy, Solicitor

"Natalie has influenced my life in so many ways. From changing my outlook on style to actually giving me the fall-proof wardrobe, Natalie exceeded all my expectations! I now feel I have the confidence (and the clothes!) to go out with friends to events that Iโ€™d never dreamt of going to before because I never felt like Iโ€™d fit.

On a day-to-day basis I find it so much easier to dress as I now understand my body, what colours suit me and what fabrics look better on me. In one sense I feel like I have been reborn and am now living my life to the full. My friends and family have all complemented me on my new look ( they say Iโ€™m now looking better and seem much more confident than I did 20 yrs ago!). I canโ€™t believe all the wear Iโ€™m getting out of my new clothes, and whatโ€™s more important, I love every piece!

Acquiring Natalieโ€™s help was one of the best investments I ever made as she went that extra mile to deliver on every one of her promises. I would sincerely recommend her to anyone who is in need of a style update."


"Natalie, when getting dressed this morning, I thought of you and felt like emailing to say thank you once again. The effect your consultations had on my everyday life is amazing! Every morning for the past two weeks Iโ€™ve been walking up to my wardrobe, taking out an outfit, doing my 5 minute make-up routine and leaving the house 10 minutes later. Calm and relaxed in the know that I do look great. I no longer start the day with franticly rummaging through my clothes, ending up putting the same thing on I wore the day before and leaving the house feeling stress and annoyed with myself. I havenโ€™t been late to even once since. I feel you are the one to be thanked for that.

Youโ€™ve eliminated the problem that was causing so much stress in my life and everything else just fell into place. I wanted to say a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart for your patience, empathy and openness. What you do can really change a personโ€™s life and I have only one regret: not contacting you years ago!"


"I met with Natalie for styling guidance. This incorporated a review of what is currently in my wardrobe, what key pieces would enhance it further and colours and styles that would best suit me.

Firstly, I found Natalie to be so warm, enthusiastic and personable. It is clear she has a real passion for her job and is very invested in giving the best advice to her clients. What also struck me was her desire to constantly develop and improve her service. She had a great knowledge of what is currently available in stores and what would suit me.

The session was very informative and was adapted to suit my individual wishes and requests. I also got advice on make-up and colours that would suit my colouring and complexion, which I found particularly helpful.

I know I will have no hesitation in recommending Natalie and this service to friends and family. And or me, I will always have Natalie on speed dial for any future style dilemmas!"


im4 (1)Natalie is a personal stylist and shopping ninja whose main passion is to simplify the sometimes overwhelming quest for effortless style into simple, achievable steps that won’t break the bank and frustrate the hell out of you. So if you’ve had enough of your rut and want to put anย end toย it – you’re in the right place!’