Every woman encounters those “I’ve-got-nothing-to-wear” moments once in a while. If you often shop and buy on impulse, your wardrobe probably reflects that. As a result, you end up struggling to find outfits among a collection of randomly bought pieces that are hard to mix and match. It’s like trying to cook a fancy three-course meal out of randomly picked up ingredients.

As if this wasn’t enough, many women find it hard to dress for their shape, age, lifestyle and personality. All of this takes its toll on the wardrobe hopelessly taking away all the fun and excitement of getting dressed.

My Approach

You don’t need a lot of clothes to look good consistently. Just like you don’t need to spend a fortune to look stylish. However, whatever you do own, you should be wearing, loving and feeling gorgeous every time you put it on.
The ultimate goal of any versatile wardrobe is to effortlessly see you through your daily life and special occasions in style. You shouldn’t agonize over what to wear or desperately dash to the stores at the last minute.
And this is what I aim to do for every one of my clients – take the hassle out and bring back the fun!

What To Expect


We start with a comprehensive body shape session where you’ll learn everything about your figure including dos and don’ts; solutions to any ‘problem areas’; the most flattering styles; and the best fabrics and colours to enhance your assets.


We then look at your wardrobe to see if it fits the recommendations. I will evaluate how the garments work together, how versatile they are, what they do to your silhouette and what improvements can be made to ensure that the clothes truly complement your shape.


I’ll also be showing you how to get the maximum possible wear out of your wardrobe by introducing effective principles of mixing and matching and dressing up and down, as well as showing how to play with textures, colours, accessories and garment details. This procedure has been an eye-opening experience for a lot of my clients as it demonstrates how they can achieve an effortless style with minimum cost.


Finally, we create a shopping list of garments that fill the gaps in your wardrobe and make the rest of the clothes work to their full potential. This list can be used as a reference when shopping in the future.

Wardrobe overhaul breathes new life into dull and dysfunctional wardrobes, simultaneously saving time and money. As a result, you will find shopping and wardrobe management much easier.
After the consultation, you will receive a comprehensive style guide which you can always rely on, even when I’m long gone out of the picture. For more information, contact me today.


If you’ve been wondering why your wardrobe is not quite living up to your expectations, watch this video to find out how to build a versatile wardrobe that doesn’t let you down.

In this video I break down the key ingredients of a functional wardrobe along with giving you some useful tips on how you can start incorporating those elements into your own wardrobe. Many women struggle with making their wardrobe work, but once you are aware of the key factors that make or break your wardrobe, you’ll be approaching wardrobe management with a completely different attitude.

Watch the next video WHY YOU HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR here and HOW NOT TO SHOP here


"I felt like my appearance was letting me down when it came to meeting prospective clients. While having a great eye for interiors, I felt like a fish out of water when it came to my personal style. I found the wardrobe consultation very helpful and it certainly set me on the right track. I thought my wardrobe was hopeless but was pleasantly relieved to be told that I’m simply missing a few key pieces to complete it.

When Natalie explained about the right fit, structure and fabrics, it all made sense at last. I kept blaming my body any time when something didn’t look right, but it was simply wrong clothes choices I was making. As a result, I wasn’t sorry to say goodbye to some of my clothes, in fact it felt quite liberating!
During the shopping trip Natalie made me try on things I never even looked at and to my surprise they looked great. Navy dress I absolutely hated on the rail turned out to be an amazing fit and is now one of my favourite pieces in the wardrobe. Natalie taught me to judge the clothes by the fit on my body, not by the way they look on the hanger. Most important lesson I learned is to try everything on before buying. It would have saved me from so many mistakes in the past!

I would highly recommend Natalie to everyone who needs a bit of help with their style. You will be in the best hands!"


"My wardrobe was overtaking my entire apartment and I was very nervous and intimidated about letting a total stranger look at it, but 15 mins after meeting Natalie I felt like I’ve known her for years. We instantly ‘clicked’ and the day just flew.

I wasn’t looking forward to being criticised, but to my amusement I didn’t hear a word of criticism. Natalie wasn’t looking for what’s wrong with my clothes, but rather what can be improved. I certainly gained a better insight into what suits my figure best and how to get more wear out of clothes that I own.

I felt like Natalie has not only tamed my out-of-control wardrobe, but brought in great structure that took all the hassle out of getting dressed in the mornings!

I immensely look forward to my shopping session with Natalie next month as I’m sure it will be as fun and productive as my wardrobe consultation!"


"Natalie, you are a wardrobe wizard! What you did with my wardrobe is unbelievable! I couldn’t even imagine that it can look so tidy and organized! Having everything colour co-ordinated and separated into seasons made such a difference.
I went from hating my wardrobe to falling in love with it! Can’t thank you enough!"


"Thank you so much for yesterday, Natalie. I was walking around today with a spring in my step and a feeling of new found confidence.

No need for a life coach, just get Natalie to weed out your wardrobe and avail of her lovely nature and it saves years in therapy."






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Natalie is a personal stylist and shopping ninja whose main passion is to simplify the sometimes overwhelming quest for effortless style into simple, achievable steps that won’t break the bank and frustrate the hell out of you. So if you’ve had enough of your rut and want to climb out of it – you’re in the right place!’