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Hey guys!

Today’s post is a very special one! Well, for me anyway!

This one simple action of sitting down and writing this post sums up what has been months of work, sleepless nights, endless self-doubts, countless hours of research, thousands invested in equipment and a simply uncountable number of efforts to make this all happen.

The idea of setting up the YouTube channel and doing Style Notes in the video format as well as a blog has been there for the last two years. After a year of toying with the idea, I finally decided to take the plunge and give it a go. That was almost 12 months ago. And all of this is only happening now!

I’ve been following a lot of successful YouTube bloggers for a long while and it is amazing how you start seeing the different side of things once you are in the same boat. I never for once stopped to appreciate the amount of effort that went into other people’s videos – as a consumer, you just soak in the content and if it is good, you come back, if it’s not – you simply don’t. But God, the amount of time the production of videos takes is unreal! So I have a newly found appreciation of other people’s hard work when it comes to video blogging!

I actually doubted at the back of my mind that this day, the day of sitting down and writing this post, would ever come. Even now it still feels surreal! Trying to do something as big (well, it was for me!) as launching a YouTube channel while juggling full-time business and home life with a child was nothing short of a personal Everest! I absolutely don’t know where I would be without people who helped me to make it happen and I am forever grateful to my close friends and family for putting up with my long hours, absent-minded conversations, ignored phone calls and as ashamed as I am to admit it, my grouching, barking and snarling.

Thank you to the best little girl any mother could wish for – without your patience, understanding and affection I’d be a complete and utter mess! Thank you for never making me feel guilty for pursuing my passions!

And last but not least, a huge heartfelt thank you to my film maker/editor/best friend/fellow perfectionist/partner in crime and probably the only person who can survive me for long periods of time without wanting to kill himself – none of this would be possible without you!

So, with all the thank yous out of the way, here is the first little video to say hello, guys, and tell you what new Style Notes are about! I really hope you’ll enjoy it and come back for more! Make sure that you do because I have the first content video coming up tomorrow!

If you have read this far, thank you! Especially if you are not my mother, best friend or my daughter! Having people follow Style Notes and put the content to good use means an absolute world to me!

So subscribe to the channel to make sure you don’t miss out on any videos and I’ll hopefully see you back again very soon!

Natalie xx

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