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Do you get overwhelmed in the shops and avoid going shopping unless you absolutely have to?

Do you buy things that look good in the store but once you bring them home, you realize you have nothing to go with them?

Are you always confused in regards to what suits you and what you should be buying?

Have you always wished to hire a personal shopper but could never afford it?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you might be interested in my brand new service – Shopping Lessons.

What is it?

Shopping Lessons have been designed to help women who struggle with shopping to learn the strategies of successful shopping used by professional personal shoppers.
More often than not women hate shopping or feel overwhelmed by it because they simply don’t know WHAT to buy and HOW to shop. But once they are given clear instructions on what works for them and what doesn’t, and how to find their way in the shops without getting frustrated, shopping stops being a stressful unproductive venture and becomes a focused efficient process.
I have taught many of these strategies to my clients and all of them found shopping on their own to be a less scary and more effective exercise. And now I’m introducing all of these techniques as a stand-alone service.

How It Works

Each lesson is a very hands-on experience that takes place in a shopping centre (to give us access to as many shops as possible). Depending on your goal, we will visit between 5 and 8 different shops. During the session I will show you:
*   how to structure your shopping session so that you find exactly what you need
*   how to find your way around the shops and know exactly where to shop
*   how to save up to 70 percent of your time that you’d normally spend in the shops
*   how to spot things you need quickly and efficiently
*   style, cuts, fabrics, colours and shapes that will work for YOU
*   how to distinguish between good and bad quality
*   how to make sure that whatever you buy settles in perfectly into your existing wardrobe
*   how to save a lot of money in the long run
and much more..
Each lesson is custom-designed to suit your specific needs so there is no one-suits-all structure. I work around your challenges and problems that you regularly face when shopping and provide you with effective strategies to overcome come them, while showing all of the above techniques.


After this session:
*   Shopping will no longer be a chore (in fact, you might have some fun along the way!)
*   You will stop getting stressed, frustrated and overwhelmed when shopping
*    You will no longer waste money on clothes that you don’t wear and don’t like
*    The skills you learn will help you to plan your wardrobe in a much more efficient way
*    Your overall look will improve dramatically
This session also makes a perfect gift for a loved one who struggles with shopping.
There is no budget required for the session as the aim of the lesson is not to buy, but to learn. However, if we come across something that works perfectly for you, it is entirely up to you whether you want to buy it.
After the lesson I will send you a personal style guide with all the tips and recommendations I’ve given you throughout the session so you never forget what you learned.


It is a dilemma that every woman faces once in a while (or regularly depending on how bad your wardrobe planning skills are) – the dreaded dilemma of NOTHING TO WEAR!

If you want to find out why you keep shopping but still struggle to get dressed in the morning, make sure to watch this video!

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"Working with Natalie has helped me become more conscious of the messages I’m sending through my clothes. The nature of my work requires me to look smart and professional, yet I always felt I looked bland and boring.
During a shopping lesson Natalie showed me how I can look professional and still show some personality. I now pay great attention to the fit of my clothes and can see how much difference the little things can make.
I found Natalie very efficient and she certainly knows what she is talking about. Each and every one of her recommendations made a lot of difference to my daily look.

It was a very worthy investment. I no longer question my appearance and style. Now I know I look like a confident professional woman that I am. And I have a wardrobe to match!"


"I am very lucky to have two wonderful daughters who have treated me to a makeover with Natalie Svikle. I was very looking forward to it and it turned out to be everything and even more than I could have hoped.

After Natalie has done her magic on me, I look a size smaller, a few inches taller (who could have thought heels can be comfortable!) and a decade younger!
A huge thank you, Natalie! You are a true professional and an absolute pleasure to work with! Can’t praise you enough!"


"Natalie, I just wanted to thank you for the best shopping experience in my life! The shopping lesson was so educational and completely transformed the way I look at shopping. Just to let you know that the interview went great and I was offered the job! I felt so confident and professional in the suit that you’ve picked!

You are absolutely brilliant at what you do and I will recommend you to all my friends!"






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Natalie is a personal stylist and shopping ninja whose main passion is to simplify the sometimes overwhelming quest for effortless style into simple, achievable steps that won’t break the bank and frustrate the hell out of you. So if you’ve had enough of your rut and want to climb out of it – you’re in the right place!’