If you are a gentleman and feeling a bit uneasy about exploring your options of getting help with your style, you can relax now – you are not the first one and it doesn’t make you any less of a man!

More and more men are becoming increasingly aware of the power of strong image and the consequences of having a poor one. In fact, over the last few years my male client base grew by over 60% and now accounts for 1/3 of my clientele. So whether it is business image you’re struggling with or can’t quite master the smart casual look, you are in the right place and in the safe hands.
Most men are notoriously famous for hating shopping and being colour blind and as my experience shows, for most men the one thing more frustrating than shopping with a woman is shopping for themselves. And even though I’m a woman, my aim is to take out hassle and stress for my male clients and provide them with a smooth, pain-free and productive shopping experience.
The way my personal shopping service works is:
  • I do all the ground- and behind-the-scenes work of finding the best pieces to make you look irresistible to potential employers/business associates/dates/your lovely self in the mirror
  • You show up for your shopping appointment and do nothing except try clothes on and admire yourself in the mirror – no stress or hassle of wandering around the shops trying to find something suitable, no running for sizes and no second-guessing ‘does it work?/how to wear it?/is it a good deal?’
  • You go home with a complete solution to whatever style dilemma you were struggling with, equipped with practical tips and guidelines on what to do and not to do to make the most of your upgraded look. All within your budget and a short time frame!
There are no two clients who are the same so I tailor my services to each particular client. Whatever it is you are struggling with in the style area, I’m pretty sure I can provide an effective solution, so feel free to give me a call for a no-obligation chat and a few tips on your best plan of action!

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Natalie is a personal stylist and shopping ninja whose main passion is to simplify the sometimes overwhelming quest for effortless style into simple, achievable steps that won’t break the bank and frustrate the hell out of you. So if you’ve had enough of your rut and want to climb out of it – you’re in the right place!’